MTG’s aim is “ a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world where girls’ and women’s full human rights are realized and protected.”

Moving the Goalposts (MTG)

We are part of Moving the Goalposts Kilifi (www.mtgk.org). Moving the Goalposts Kilifi is a community based organization that, since 2002, uses football to empower girls in the rural and urban areas of Kilifi, Kaloleni and Ganze district. MTG’s goals is to have a more inclusive, just and peaceful world where girls’ and women’ human rights are realized and protected. It uses a rights based approach and focuses primarily on sexual and reproductive rights, health and choice.

More than three thousand girls (aged 9 – 25 years) participate in MTG’s tournaments and ongoing leagues. Girls are encouraged to take up leadership roles in their (football) community.

The peer led health education program gives girls opportunities to learn about their rights and to claim them. It gives girls health information and assists them through one-to-one counseling. The economic empowerment program aims to improve young women’s livelyhoods. MTG works with stakeholders in the communities and other partners in and outside Kenya.

MTG is recognized as an innovative and unique sport and development project for girls and young women.

The team was founded in…

In which Division do you play?
The MTG United open age team will play in Division one, a national league. The under 16 team will play in the Provincial league and the Out of School team will play in the County League. All the leagues will start in April.

Did you participate in any tournaments? Which, where, when?
We play every year in the MYSA tournament (the biggest girls tournament in Kenya), the East Africa Cup, the Mombasa Show, the Coca Cola cup and other tournaments in Kenya and our area. In 2010 we played in the Football for Hope Festival in Johannesburg, during the World Cup.

How many team members do you have?
We have four teams: 72 players

How many trainers/officials do you have?
Six female coaches, supported by one staff member and volunteer peer educators, counselors and first aiders

Is your trainer female?
Yes, all six coaches are female, young women in the age 19 - 23

Are there women in your organization? Which position do they have?
MTG has 22 staff members, one of them is male. All the others are female. All volunteers (coaches, referees, committee members, monitoring and evaluation, operators of light machines, peer educators, counselors) are female. They are all below the age of 26.

What does football mean to you?
MTG uses football to empower girls. Our football leagues (organised in 30 community fields) are the backbone of our organisation. Football brings girls together. It is an area where they can show the communities that they are able and that they can do things that people might not expect from girls and young women. Football brings girls together in safe places where they can receive information about reproductive health and rights and discuss issuess that are important for them.

What are the goals of your team, what do you want to change?
MTG’s aim is “ a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world where girls’ and women’s full human rights are realized and protected.”

MTG shows that girls are able. Our slogan is “Tunaweza” (we can do it!). We inform girls about reproductive health and rights and work together to change our communities in places where girls are included, that are just and peaceful.

We have experiences/knowledge about working in rural areas in Coastal Kenya, how so set up a succesful sport and development programme for young girls, how to disseminate reproductive health and rights information to girls, building leadership among young girls, working with communities (discuss issues that matter to girls with stakeholders and help them to find ways to assist girls), participatory M & E and succesful fundraising

Being a woman and playing football means…
“Tunaweza” we can do it!

Our most exiting football experience was…
participating in the Football for Hope festival. Which means MTG was recognised as a respected football and development organisation.




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