Rainbow Womxn of Kenya

Rainbow Womxn of Kenya is a lesbian bisexual queer womxn football team, who faces many challenges in their community. The team serves as a family and as a safe space for its players, where they can play the sport they are all passionate about. They are spearheading the fight for legal and health rights of womxn in their community. Rainbow Womxn of Kenya are keen on sharing their experiences as marginalized womxn in society because of their sexual orientation. They are also eager to share their knowledge and expertise on making reusable sanitary towels with other participants.

Quote by RWoK regarding recent upholding of antihomosexuality rights in Kenya:

"We stand in solidarity as LGBTQI Kenyans after a three judge panel ruled against repealing provisions 162 and 165 which criminalise same sex conduct on May 24, 2019."