Gerade als sich das erste Frauenteam aus Libyen stabilisieren konnte, begann der Krieg in Libyen. Jetzt haben sie den Spielbetrieb wieder aufgenommen und tun einiges dafür, dass der Frauenfußball in Libyen Fuß fasst.

There are roughly 25 girls all together, with a core of 11 who are very skilled. Dr Soad Shebani is their main coach. They initially fought hard to get support before the revolution, were finally acknowledge by the Libyan football federation and were about to participate in their first international tournament in March 2011. Then the revolution began on February 17th 2011 and they haven’t been able to officially train in over a year. However this has not deterred the girls from continuing their passion for football. They have faced many obstacles. Their stadium was no longer safe to practice in as it had been occupied by Militia. Their FIFA funding had been taken by the men’s team, and they are constantly fighting family and cultural restraints. However their love for football is above all this. Aside from the main stadium, which became a security issue, they have been training on their own in groups to remain active for when they are able to fight back and eventually represent Libya as the of the well known Tripoli Men’s teams where they have to work around the men’s schedule.