Pride Sports Africa

Pride Sports Africa is a network that promotes diversity and integration among African person in Europe and have an outreach program to African teams through organising of sports tournaments.

  • Mission
    Our strategy is to identify, develop and promote minorities and activists in sports. This is done through training, grooming, information sharing and teams formation.
  • Info
    As Pride Sports Africa our vision is to promote sports and celebrating diversity among African persons, Human rights Activists & other minority groups.
  • We also encourage collective organising and mobilising through formation of sports clubs in various sports and supporting community based organizations invarious African countries as part of our outreach project and campaign. We cannot under estimate the power of sports as a unifying factor in people’s lives especially in Africa where sport has and continues to play a great role in development. It is with this in mind that we leverage sports to create awareness and advocacy for human rights. We have mixed football team participate in friendly matches and working towards participating in bigger tournaments. We have created a social pool table club with the aim to together have fun, share information and updates among ourselves.
  • Pride Sports Africa aims at promoting sports talents among African persons living in Europé and beyond while encouraging intergration among minority Groups in our communities.We do this through team formation and creating tournaments.
  • PSA football team won football people tournament cup 2014
  • We are activists from various African countries i e Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Congo, Burundi etc.