Thokozani football club was formed in 2008, after Thokozani Qwabe who was brutally killed  due to live openly as a lesbian and a soccer player.

TFC creates awareness and promotes the fight against  discrimination, hate crime targeting lesbians, particularly through sport. It also empowers women through sports and fights for equality.

Thokozani’s work also continues off the pitch: in cooperation with Les Degommeuses from Paris, the team produced a collective portrait of the players’ everyday struggles and achievements.

“Soccer gathers people from different spheres, and I am able to talk with my problems that I have at home and in life. My team mates and coaches are able to advise me all the time when I have no shoulder to cry on.” S’Iindile Purity Hlongwa

“Living under conditions of being discriminated sometimes is fatal and causes a low self-esteem and may result in fear, hestitation and poor performance. When I work hard in the pitch, sweating and kick the ball to my fellow team mates, moving forward to score a goal and defend as a team, not giving up, it all brings the hope of better future for us concerning soccer, education and work opportunities.” Nokulunga Luh Cele


Luh Cele