Las Súper Poderosas

Las Súper Poderosas is the first football academy for girls in Bolivia. Their continuous efforts to advance womxn’s football have paved the way for the establishment of many other football academies for girls all over Bolivia and have led to the organization of a street soccer tournament with 96 womxn players, where the referees were also all womxn – the first of its kind in Bolivia! Today, Las Súper Poderosas has players ranging from the ages of 5 to 18, who are supported by a team of young womxn coaches. Las Súper Poderosas seeks to develop leaders on and off the field because they believe empowerment is what matters most to womxn playing football. They believe football has the power to advance womxn’s rights around the world and hope to share their experience on the role of womxn’s football in society with the football community at this year’s festival.

Facebook & Phone +591 70675408