Delhi Women’s Football Players Welfare Association (New Delhi, Delhi)

The Delhi Women's Football Players Welfare Association (DWFPWA) was formed by a small group of players to give other girls like themselves an opportunity to learn and play football in a safe and fun environment. When founder Jyoti Burrett first moved to Delhi for college, she longed to find a group of girls with whom she could play football. Jyoti asked around and searched the internet but all academies in the capital were predominantly for boys. Without an option she played with the boys, but the fun of playing with other girls and forming a girls soccer community is something she missed. After meeting a group of like-minded girls they got together and decided to give themselves and other young girls in the city something they had longed for, for so long. They faced multiple issues related to access of a ground to play on, as all available grounds were already booked by boys football academies. Finally they went to the government and put across their plea. They were granted a ground in a government school that would be available for girls to play together, 6 days a week from 3 to 6 pm. Thus they formed the Delhi Women's Football Players Welfare Association in January 2017. It is open to girls and women of all ages and skill levels for free. Their coach Paritosh Sharma, an A-licensed AIFF coach has been extremely supportive through the entire process. The DWPWA hopes no girl, keen to play soccer in Delhi, ever feels she has no place to play or learn the game. They also strive to create a community of strong willed girls who will pave paths for themselves where there are none.