Slum Soccer (Nagpur, Maharashtra)

“Football for everyone” – this is the slogan of the “Slum Soccer” organization from
India. Self-confidently, the slogan voices an important demand in a country where
differentiation and exclusion have long been practiced by colonialism and the caste-system, with dramatic economic and social consequences for those affected.

Slum Soccer is an award winning Football 4 Development organization having operations in various states across India. Their aim is to provide long-term solutions for poverty, to fight homelessness and to improve the living standards within underprivileged areas. One of our biggest desire is to empower the oppressed and disadvantaged girls from rural backgrounds and to form a gender equal future. We noticed the interest of girls in football and their concentration while playing and realized the potential of sports in personality development which led us to initiate a program for girls named “Shakti Girls". This programme has been specially designed to help young women to overcome basic barriers to their participation in society which sadly are still too prevalent in Indian culture. “Shakti” means power in the Marathi language and the programme seeks to empower participants to fulfil their potential through providing a range of opportunities for development. A key element of the programme is the selection and development of girls who can take up roles as leaders within their communities, which helps to multiply the effect of the programme as they reach more and more girls. The programme has run successfully for two and a half years in Nagpur, with 2,000 cohorts of girls having graduated.