Orthodox Club is one of the oldest clubs in Jordan that offers lots of sport games for women and men.

It’s a club working under the slogan of sport for all, both women and men. In addition to make small leagues in the club for different ages like little league and mini basket..etc that help to explore more players in different games. And also there are lots of social activities like lectures that held in the clubs which help more to connect with the society.

Women's football

About women's football in specific, our team established in 1995, and now we have recorded player that compete with other Jordanian teams. Our team divided into three divisions, the professional team, under 19 team and under 14 team. And we have a little league for girls for all the season, and any girl can come and join the team or the little league team. We also do a small mix tournament every year, mix tournament mean that the teams contain men and women, and any team can come and join. And we also do lots of activities to attract parents to come and bring their girls to play football like making a mixed games and tournaments between the girls and their parents. Our purpose is to spread awareness through these games and tournaments and try more to attract the girls and their families to play football and join us.


Abeer Rantisi
Player, captain and team manager

Phone: 00962776567201