Diyar Bethlehem

Diyar team is a team from Bethlehem (Palestine) that was created since 2008 after a group of players who were used to play for Bethlehem university team moved to it.

It was named as Diyar women's soccer team according to the name of Diyar consortium that is a Lutheran association that is specialized to develop youth and their interests and that is responsible for our team. Our club Diyar is specialized for women's sport unlike other clubs in Palestine.

Diyar women's soccer team was the champion of the first Palestinian women's championship that was organized for the first time at big fields by the Palestinian football association at the season of 2010- 2011 , but at the season of 2011-2012 we were at the second place due to the fact of the lack of facilities and infrastructure that are available for our team Diyar because most of the time the fields were always at our region busy with men teams!

As girls playing a foreign game here in Palestine, we used to face difficulties during living our passion, such as being a part of a patriarchal society that is used to see the girls only at kitchen and for rising up children, we are trying to change this view, because we believe that a woman could be a great athlete, worker and also a great mother. 

Despite every difficulty we will continue to live our passion and play soccer and the sky is our limit.

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