This is the conference´s programme:


Tuesday, 5th December: Arrival Day


Wednesday, 6th December: Conference Day 1

Conference opening

Workshop: Presentation skills and public speaking Miraz Gänzel (Communication Coach / German)


Thursday, 7th december: Conference Day 2

Lecture: On the situation of women football - problems, challenges and succes stories

DISCOVER FOOTBALL, Hiba El Jaafil (Head Coach U17 National Team / Lebanon), Khadija Illa (Football Federation / Marroco)

Lecture: Impact of media on women and sports development

Cellestine Akinyl (Sports Journalist / Kenya)

Workshop: How to acknowledge and overcome sexism and other discriminations at your daily work? Jenny Pahmeyer (Communication Coach / Germany)


Friday, 8 th December: Conference Day 3

Visit to Deutsche Welle German TV News Station

Lecture: Hate speech and social media Anne Wizorek (Digital Media Consultant / Germany)


Saturday, 9th December: Conference Day 4

Input: Intersectionality and Spot: Being a black girl / woman in football Cheryl Roberts (Independent Publisher / South Africa)

Input: Experiences about working in FIFA World Cup and gender stories published in Brazil Gabriela de Castro Ribeiro (Sports Journalist / Brazil)

Lecture: Kicking the ball fair: Amplifying women´s football in the media Priyanka Borpujari (Journalist / India)

Public Panel Discussion: "Sexism in Sports Journalism: How media can both reproduce and challenge sexist discrimination in sports and society"

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Sunday, 10 th December: Conference Day 5

Focus Groups discussion DISCOVER FOOTBALL

Summary of conference results

Evaluation / Feedback


Monday, 11th: Departure Day