For a strong and inclusive Female Football in Central Asia and Europe

From December 10 to 15 female experts from Eastern Europe and Central Asia are going to talk about the opportunities and challenges of the development of an inclusive approach to football.

The participants of the conference are either working for football associations and NGOs or active players. Their commitment to female football in their countries is what unites them all.

In workshops and discussions, we will explore, together with the experts from countries like Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Hungary or Ukraine, the potential of female football in each particular region. A core concern will be the question of how football can be used as a tool to fight for equality and women's rights.

In addition, we want to approach discrimination on and off the pitch – like homophobia and racism –, and collectively work on strategies to make football more inclusive.

In the course of the conference, the participants will be working on a paper to be submitted to the international football associations UEFA, AFC and FIFA. The claims made in the paper will be equally directed towards national associations.

Visitors can meet the participants of the conference on the occasion of an indoor football tournament that will take place on December 13 between 4.15 and 9 pm. Interested people are cordially invited to the sports hall at Lobeckplatz (Lobeckstraße 63, 10969 Berlin).