Step Up Equality Multiplier Sports Event

15th - 17th October 2021


From 15 – 17th October 2021 DISCOVER FOOTBALL will cooperate with CHoG – Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. to host the multiplier sports event Why We Need Sports Structures to Change – Women’s Intersectional Perspectives for Inclusion and Leadership

Over 40 womxn from grassroots football organisations from Berlin, Dortmund and Leipzig will take part in the Step Up Equality project’s multiplier sports event. They will come together to play football and explore how sport in general, and sports leadership in particular, can be made more accessible for womxn. A particular focus will be placed on experiences of intersectionality, such as those made by womxn refugees, womxn with migrant backgrounds, LBTIQ*, and womxn with disabilities.

There will be workshops hosted on the topic of “Why We Need Sports Structures to Change – Women’s Intersectional Perspectives for Inclusion and Leadership, and a small-sided football tournament for womxn, focusing on fun, social inclusion and exchange. The event aims to provide a much-needed opportunity for womxn from marginalised communities to participate in sport and meet other sports people and teams, after many months of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and very limited sports opportunities. The tournament will form part of the larger event KICK OUT RACISM CUP by Champions ohne Grenzen.

Organisation members will network, collaborate and come up with common project ideas and establish synergies, in order to provide a more supportive environment for womxn from disadvantaged groups. All the discussions held will additionally be used to further fuel the debate in Europe, which will culminate in an international SUE conference in Warsaw in November 2021.

If you have any questions about the event or project please feel free to contact us at stepupequality[at]discoverfootball.de

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About the project: STEP UP EQUALITY

Women and girls in Europe still do not participate in sport to the same degree as men, neither do they participate in the full range of sport and physical activity, with many sports being considered more typically “masculine” and therefore less appropriate. Most importantly their roles to influence and make decisions in sports are also limited.

Based on these challenges and needs, the main objective of the project STEP UP EQUALITY is to promote gender equality in sports leadership and challenge gender-based discrimination in sports across Europe. This is achieved through the cooperation and the exchange of best practices and expertise between different sports and paths of training and inspirations between young athletes and successful examples of women in leadership in sports. 


  1. Through targeted training strengthen the specific skills of women currently active within grassroots sport organizations to navigate and challenge existing norms and structures and increase their influence and presence as coaches and managers and their visibility in sport media

  2. Increase awareness and mainstreaming of gender equality in sport specific to leadership, spreading best practice examples of how to support women in leadership in sports and reducing gender based stereotypes and other barriers that exclude women from leadership roles.

  3. Promote public sport initiatives and events to 1) increase opportunities for engagement in sport activities, participation and leadership of women from disadvantaged groups, 2) promoting an exchange of skills, experiences and inspiration between women athletes involved in coaching and decision making in sport

  4. Prepare, test and promote a European system to report gender discrimination in grassroots sport that affects coaches, athletes, supporters

  5. Increase networking and cooperation between women in coaching and leadership positions from mainstream sports and emerging sports in Europe.

The project STEP UP EQUALITY is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and DISCOVER FOOTBALL is a full partner. 

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Visit the #StepUpEquality website for all recent news and publications around the project.