BEYOND BORDERS: Advocating for empowerment and inclusive female football everywhere in the world

June 30 - July 5, 2015

Willy-Kressmann-Stadion - Dudenstrasse 40 - 46, 10965 Berlin



The movie DISCOVER FOOTBALL-Festival beyond (b)orders 2015.
A film by Systrar Productions  and ninotschka  http://systrarproductions.com/ und http://www.ninotschka.ninja/

Finally it’s time again: for the fourth time DISCOVER FOOTBALL has managed to bring female football players, activists, and trainers from around the world together to the heart of Berlin. We would again like to establish ties through our shared interest in football, and demonstrate opportunities for diversity and emancipation in the game.

With the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Women’s Football and Cultural Festival beyond (b)orders we want to use our passion for football to overcome social and political borders for women in sports and society. This year’s festival builds on our worldwide networking and empowerment work in the last few years in which we’ve strived to create safe places for meeting and movement of female football activists. 

Football moves the world - more than any other sport. DISCOVER FOOTBALL uses football to make special encounters between women possible that would have otherwise never happened. These women all have one thing in common: they have to be strong in a male-dominant sport. With football we manage to bring together women with very different backgrounds and life experiences.

At this year’s festival we want to do more than just broach the issue of overcoming barriers tied to social gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious affiliation or ascription, and physical abilities. Above all we want to overcome concrete language and geographic barriers, and create the basis for an exchange that will be physically felt. Therefore, the teams, coaches, and individual activists will be divided up into new mixed teams. With this, players from China and Tibet, Brazil and Argentina, South Africa and Serbia, and Cambodia and Kenya can build teams. With names referring to the different grounds that women play on, the teams will be coached by a mixed coach duo that will also attend a Coaches-Workshop all week. In this way, DISCOVER FOOTBALL is just the moderators of a process of overcoming barriers that will be shaped by its participants.

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