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Preface / Vorwort
10 Years of DISCOVER FOOTBALL and Fair Play
Honey Thaljieh, a co-founder and the 1st captain of womxn’s football in Palestine, Corporate Communications Manager at FIFA
It’s amazing how the power of football brings us all together this year again! It is my honour to have the opportunity to welcome all of you to celebrate DISCOVER FOOTBALL’s 10-year anniversary at this year’s festival. The motto of this year’s festival is fair play. In order to live what we preach we set up a few special rules for all matches this time, for example, there won't be any yellow nor red cards, (and other rules making us more aware of what it means to play fair and respectfully).

This week holds many opportunities for you – I encourage you all to embrace the chance to network with over 120 women from over 20 countries. Learn, share your knowledge, put yourself out there, believe in yourself and your dreams and most importantly have fun.

I would like to thank the 
DISCOVER FOOTBALL team for their amazing, tremendous and unique work for the women’s game and would like to wish everyone a fantastic week full of building new bridges, making new friends, deep exchanges, and enjoyable football.

It is upon us to continue to advance women’s rights all over the world! 
Programme Highlights
Spiele: 31.07. - 04.08. ca. 15:00 - 20:00 jeden Tag!

Matches: 30. July - 04. August around 3 - 8 pm everyday!
@ Willy-Kressmann-Stadion
Dudenstr. 40, 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg
All Stars Team
Zum 10-jährigen DISCOVER FOOTBALL Jubiläum haben wir ein internationales All-Star-Team mit Spieler*innen zusammengestellt, die uns in den letzten 10 Jahren begleitet und beeindruckt haben. Wir hoffen, das All-Star-Team mit Trainerin Monika Staab wird die anderen Teams inspirieren. Als Dank an unsere Ehrenamtlichen, Unterstützer*innen und Zuschauer*innen werden wir jeden Tag zwei Plätze im All-Star-Team verlosen. Nach dem letzten Spiel des Tages wird unsere Turnierleitung die zwei Plätze für das nächste Spiel auslosen. Jede Person ab 18 Jahren (weiblich, trans, inter, non binär) kann ihren Namen vorher an unserem Infostand in den Lostopf werfen.

This year DISCOVER FOOTBALL is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. In appreciation of their brilliant performances and their dedication to womxn’s football, DISCOVER FOOTBALL invited 14 women to this year’s festival making up our very own All-Star team. As a thank you to our volunteers, supporters, and spectators, we will be giving away 2 places in the All-Star Team every day. After the last game of the day, our tournament management will draw 2 names for the next game. Anyone over the age of 18 (female, trans, inter, non binary) can put their name in the raffle at our information booth.
List of Lands / Länderliste

- Afghanistan
- Egypt / Ägypten
- Germany / Deutschland
- India / Indien
- Iran
- Kenya / Kenia
- Palestine / Palästina

Home Team / Heimteam
Wir haben die Spieler*innen von CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN (CHoG) gefragt, was das Team für sie bedeutet, und sie haben Folgendes gesagt: Freiheit, Heimat, Reise in die Welt, Ganzheit, Sicherheit, Familie. Das Projekt schafft Zugänge zu Fußball und weiteren Sportarten für erwachsene Frauen* mit Fluchterfahrung im Berlin-Brandenburger Raum durch kostenlose Trainings, regelmäßige Freizeitangebote in der „Nachspielzeit“ und Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten, sowohl für Spieler*innen selbst als auch für herkömmliche Vereinsstrukturen und die breitere Öffentlichkeit.
CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN (CHoG) is a project that creates access to football and other sports for adult refugee women in Berlin and Brandenburg through cost-free sports practices, further leisure time activities and formations to both, their players as well as other sporting structures.

Go to the website for more information / zur Website für mehr Info
6 Mixed Teams
6 Gemischten Teams
Das Turnier wird in neu gemischten Teams gespielt, um den Austausch über nationale, kulturelle, religiöse Grenzen und Sprachbarrieren hinweg zu fördern. Diese gemischten Teams wurden nach den Fußballer*innen benannt, die in der Geschichte des Frauen*fußballs ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben.

The tournament will be played in newly mixed teams to promote exchanges across national, cultural, religious and language barriers. These mixed teams are named after the footballers who have left their mark in the history of womxn's football.
List of lands / Länderliste

- Armenia / Armenien
- Bolivia / Bolivien
- Iran
- Kenya / Kenia
- Nepal
- Serbien / Serbia

Sieben internationale Schiedsrichter*innen werden unsere Spiele pfeifen. Zudem nehmen sie noch an unserem Schiedsrichter*innen-Austauschprogramm teil und werden mit über die Gewinner* innen des Fair Play-Preises am Ende des Turniers abstimmen. Our matches will be led by seven international referees. The referees will also participate in our referee-exchange program and will help decide of the winner the Fair Play Trophy at the end of the tournament.

Our matches will be led by seven international referees. The referees will also participate in our referee-exchange program and will help decide of the winner the Fair Play Trophy at the end of the tournament.
List of lands / Länderliste

- Gambia
- Camerun / Kamerun
- Kenya / Kenia
- Iran
- Brazil / Brasilien
- Columbia / Kolumbien
- South Africa / Südafrika
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Moya Dodd on #stepupequality

"In sports, the power in decision-making is ...."

During the World Cup we caught up with Moya Dodd, to hear what she has to say about the future of women in football leadership positions. She is an inspirational change maker and one of the few women to ever sit on the FIFA Executive Committee.

Support our European campaign to get more women in sports leadership positions by completing our Step Up Equality survey now!

For players and sports leaders in Germany:

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