DISCOVER FOOTBALL is the world's leading network that use football as a tool to advocate for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason.

The Association Fußball und Begegnung e.V. (Football and Exchange) was founded by committed football enthusiasts who use sport as a tool to empower women and promote intercultural understanding. We organize international exchanges, conferences and tournaments where women and girls build skills and share knowledge that will help them gain autonomy, mobility and power. This non-profit organization relies largely on the voluntary work of women, making it unique in the world of football.

Our work has been recognized by the UN, the German Football Association as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


  • ... challenges gender roles by increasing diverse images of strong women in the media
  • ... enables intercultural exchange through international football tournaments
  • ... provides opportunities for women to participate in competition
  • ... campaigns against inequalities seeking to influence the politics of sport
  • ... creates a powerful international network by bringing together women football players and project leaders
  • ... builds capacity in women’s football and empowerment by...
    •     ...conducting seminars where women exchange experiences and build strategies to advance women’s football as well as women’s rights
    •    ...researching the impact of women’s football on empowerment and gender equality
    •    ...using films to collect and share the experiences of female football players from around the world


With international teams, coaches and activists that use football as a tool to address social injustice; including a football tournament, capacity-building workshops, panel discussions, a diverse cultural program, audience cups, friendly matches and press conferences.


International encounters with a regional or topical focus that bring together women committed in the emancipatory idea of football; aiming at sharing experiences and building strategies and a common voice to advance women’s football as well as women’s rights, accompanied by the edition of position and/or strategy papers.


Excursion of the female football activists from DISCOVER FOOTBALL outside of Berlin; including the visit of, hospitation at and networking with other women’s football initiatives, networking, friendly sports competition, panel discussion, space for exchange and debate.


Public events such as series of discussion, film screenings and debates, focusing on the social and political relevance of women’s football, on the occasion of the current daily developments and local conditions.


Working at the grass-roots-level to encourage women and girls to play football and enable a self-determined understanding and organization of themselves; including a football Club (DFC Kreuzberg) lead and focused on women and girls only, local girls football camps, Berlin-wide tournaments and networking at the municipal level.


Enabling a world-wide mutual support, long-lasting partnerships and visibility of women through the creation of a powerful and interactive international network is more than just the side-product of DISCOVER FOOTBALL’s events, but it’s one of it’s most central tasks. Besides this, DISCOVER FOOTBALL advocates for the needs and claims of it’s network’s members in several local and international committees, federations, networks and events.


All of the activities are accompanied by the active research of the impact of women’s football on empowerment and gender equality and the documentation of the initiatives lead by female football activists; DISCOVER FOOTBALL edits and makes publicly accessible practice guides and uses digital storytelling and films to collect and share the ideas, tools and experiences.