Our actions for the EURO 2024

DISCOVER FOOTBALL and partners formed an alliance in 2017 to ensure that sports bodies and mega-sporting events respect human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption requirements in all of their activities and at all stages of the mega sporting events process. The EURO 2024 Stakeholder Initiative is a coalition of leading human rights organisations, sports organsiations and trade unions.

Declaration of the civil society on the EURO 2024

The EURO 2024-bid shall become a beacon for human rights, diversity and transparency

Sporting mega events reach billions of people worldwide and can disseminate a message of mutual understanding and international collaboration.

When the EURO 2024 was awarded to the bid of the Deutsche Fussball-Bund (DFB - German Football Association), they took on the responsibility for perfect organisation and German hospitality. But not only this - furthermore, the DFB has to provide an example, how in a globalised world such a football event can serve the people within the host country and outside of it borders and progress democracy and international solidarity.

The organisations that are part of this initiative stand for a EURO 2024 that is a beacon for human rights, diversity and transparency. A particular emphasis shall be place on the protection of children’s rights.

A prerequisite for the success is the broad participation of the local population in the host cities, in particular young people and fans, men and women, but also the involvement of the civil society at national level.

Every organisation has its own thematic expertise, which we will discuss together within the partnership:


  • Bündnis Aktiver Fussballfans BAFF e.V.
  • BundesBehindertenfan-ArbeitsGemeinschaft e.V. - BBAG
  • Der Sportbeauftragte der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
  • Discover Football
  • DJK Sportverband e.V.
  • Human Rights Watch e.V.
  • Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt
  • Interessengemeinschaft Unsere Kurve
  • MAKKABI Deutschland e.V.
  • terre des hommes Deutschland e.V.
  • Transparency International Deutschland e.V.

Berlin, 28th February 2017

Updated on 22nd September 2020 (Addition of DJK Sportverband e.V.)