DISCOVER FOOTBALL collects interesting and new perspectives towards football and gender from all over the world. We make interviews and accumulate the experience and the knowledge of footballers, activists, journalists and trainers.

To share our unique perspective we create and publish books, films and audio-stories.



DISCOVER FOOTBALL Handbook: How to create sport offers for refugee girls and women?, 14 pages.

It is still only available in German, but we are working on an English translation!



DISCOVER FOOTBALL Handbook: "Female Coaching Zone", 132 pages.

Here you can read our handbook written by football coaches.



DISCOVER FOOTBALL Handbook: "Claiming the Pitch", 100 pages.

(Translations in English and Arabic)

Here you can find more information and download the pdf-version of „claiming the pitch“


DISCOVER FOOTBALL Declaration: 4 pages.

(Translation in English, Russian, Spanish und Arabic)

Here you can read and sign our DISCOVER FOOTBALL-Declaration.