Equally in Ecuador or France, in Togo or Saudi Arabia - female players all around the world are facing the problem that they are not naturally having the same rights and possibilities as boys and men. The social imparities become apparent particularly in football, as it as seen as a men’s sport in the most countries. Nevertheless, the game can be specifically used to strengthen girls and women. Being part of a team gives everyone the chance to experience solidarity and playing football strengthens one’s self confidence while also leading to girls and women learning how to better assert themselves. Football can consequently lead to self-determination and social promotion. Additionally, female football players are also changing the perception of gender roles and demonstrating how women are an active part of society.

This manual is a collection of experiences and ideas from women active in football programs and teams around the world. Within these pages, you will find examples, stories and advice which we hope will help you overcome the challenges and identify opportunities in your own community. Above all, we hope this manual will inspire women and girls to get involved and take action.

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Finally, Claiming the Pitch in Arabic!

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