Attahadi FC

Attahadi FC is on of the first football teams for women in Saudi Arabia. It was founded by committed football players.

Rawh the Captain of the team describes how they founded Attahadi FC

In 2006, the moment we had all been waiting for had finally come: We founded the team Attahadi FC (‘Attahadi’ means ‘challenge’). We came up with a logo and the team agreed to me being the captain because I was the one who took care of everything. I quit my job and, from that point on, I was in charge of the team. In 2007, I took my work for Attahadi FC  to the next level, meeting with press representatives and many important people from all over the world. Although this is only the beginning, it is immensely important to me because sports for and by women barely exist in Saudi Arabia. I had to create something entirely new out of thin air; I was the one everything and everybody depended on.

Then, we began to organise more matches, which encouraged many other girls and women who then started to establish their own teams all over Saudi Arabia. We have initiated a women’s football tournament which now takes place every year and to which we invite all teams from our city. My club has participated and even won every year. These days, we also drive to other towns in Saudi Arabia and play friendlies, which is only possible because, now, there are several towns and places where we can play. Furthermore, we have kicked off a programme to teach young girls how to play football. I am usually in charge of these courses, even though I do not have a coaching license, and I have even started to teach other coaches.

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