DFC Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany)

WE are women* between 20 and 50 with more or less football experience. New female players* who enjoy football and would like to play in a women's football club are very welcome to join us. Beginners* and advanced players* are very welcome. If you want to train with us write a mail to our trainers*!

The DFC Kreuzberg was founded in 2012 by the non-profit association Fußball und Begegnung e.V. / DISCOVER FOOTBALL.

The project DISCOVER FOOTBALL is committed to equal rights, emancipation and women's rights, using football as an empowerment strategy. With international tournaments and conferences DISCOVER FOOTBALL enables special encounters, shows strong women*, networks women's football teams worldwide and develops gender capacities in sport. DISCOVER FOOTBALL is supported by the commitment of volunteers, many of whom play for the DFC Kreuzberg.

The DFC is the first women's soccer club in Kreuzberg. The self-organized structure of the DFC is designed to encourage women* to play football and to develop their sporting achievements away from patriarchal hierarchies.

In traditional football clubs it is very difficult for women* to break through the male-dominated structures. That is why the female players* of the DFC Kreuzberg have set themselves the goal of shaking up the football landscape with their club.

Furthermore, DFC Kreuzberg sees itself as a club that wants to position itself against sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination in football and other sports and non-sports areas.