Roter Stern Frankfurt

love football – hate fascism!

We are the football team of Red Star Frankfurt.

We define ourselves as a left-wing, empowering, grassroot group.

We never ever tolerate bullshit like:

sexism, homophobia, nationalism, sexism, trans- and homophobia, racism…

can I kick it? yes you can!

Everybody is welcome to come kick with us. We don’t mind any aspects like society rank, age, gender*s, sexual orientations, cultural, or geographic factors concerning individuals. All skill-levels are welcome, in training and free-kicking-sessions.

We are one team, all together no one is gonna be segregated!

So we play in the autonomous league of Frankfurt. ( Who is joining our trainings and free-kicking-session can also play there with us. Of course we play in solidarity-cups and autonomous tournaments.

meet your football-club!

No one has to pay for anything! Financial support is completely voluntary!

To be a part of Red Star Frankfurt you can support us with money but you never have to. You can support us by your engagement (without paying) as well.

Sporty. Smart. Straight. Subversive.