Seitenwechsel e.V.

There are many sports clubs in Berlin - but only one especially for women/lesbians, Trans*, Inter* and girls: SEITENWECHSEL

Founded in 1988, because lesbians wanted to do sports together with lesbians, our club today creates free space with a wide range of exercise, in which our more than 900 club members can realize their own ideas of exercise and sports.
With our school working groups and project groups we currently move almost 1000 people!

With more than 60 sports groups at different levels we offer you a colourful mixture of different sports. We prefer to focus on popular sports, the sporting activities are less performance-oriented. The focus is on the fun of movement and togetherness.

As a sports club for women/lesbians, trans*, inter* and girls, it is our goal to provide everyone, regardless of origin and social status, physical condition, age, gender and sexual identity, with diverse and individual sporting experiences.

SEITENWECHSEL is involved in national and international organisations in Berlin and beyond the city limits for the rights and against discrimination of women/lesbians, trans*, inter* and girls in sport. This makes us a club that offers a wide range of individual and team sports as well as body and movement work and is politically active at the same time.