Guerreiras Project

Mission We use futebol as a tool to promote gender justice and create possibilities for more equitable and sustainable ways of being.

We are an international gender justice initiative led by a team of athletes, artists, academics and activists who together carry out workshops, trainings, exhibitions, research, performances, and presentations to stimulate critical awareness of gender through reflection and action. We use images and discourse from futebol to create space––physical and mental––for the questioning of unconscious gender bias. We challenge existing interpretations and pre-conceived readings of bodies, capabilities, roles, and relations. We open up opportunities for people’s assumptions and biases about gender to be safely questioned, where new ways of perceiving and new knowledge can emerge. We work to increase opportunities for all– on and off the field. While we are concerned with issues of gender justice, we are not limited to this. Through the gender lens we place ourselves within the context of social justice issues more broadly and look at the ways that various categories of difference––race, class, sexuality, disability, ethnicity–-intersect and create systems of subordination. Our work aims to reveal sources of oppression and reasons for marginalization, and to discover, create and generate ways of addressing these sources of injustice through human interaction.

History We started in Brazil in 2010 as a multimedia documentary exploring the shifts taking place around gender norms and what it means to be women playing futebol in the country of men’s futebol. We started translating our skills and experiences from the pitch as female players into tools for action in an attempt to open up new spaces for debate around gender justice. Our name comes from the Portuguese term ‘guerreira’ (female warrior), which female players in Brazil use on account of the struggle to be accepted and supported within the traditionally male game. Over the last three years, the project has evolved from this multimedia documentary that launched at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany into a collective of athletes, academics, activists, and artists using futebol through various channels to raise questions around the regulation of bodies, the significance of empowerment, possibilities for resistance, and social justice within and beyond the game. CONNECT WITH THE GUERREIRAS MOVEMENT