Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan (Rurka Kalan, Punjab) 

The Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan is a non-profit social organization working for the uplifting of underprivileged children in numerous villages of Punjab, India. It’s a community based grassroots organization setup in 2001, which aims to restore the childhood of children in disadvantaged societies of Punjab by means of care, protection, opportunities, participation and most significantly sports. The YFC was founded over 15 years ago to stem the increasing use of drugs and early child marriages in the villages. They aim to do so using a sports and activity based curriculum, which develops social, emotional and physical skills as well as excellence in sports for the children. They work with schools and communities to enhance education levels and gender equality. Also they try to raise awareness for health issues like drug abuse, malnutrition and taking care of our environment. The YFC‘s programmes are free for everyone and address the whole community, especially girls. Through projects like “Kick for Tolerance” (KFT) or “Sports for Development” (S4D) they are empowering young girls to plays football and participate in their daily sessions. In order to give the young children and especially the girls perspectives for their future and role models to look up to and get inspired by they 17 female “Youth Mentors”(YM) run daily sessions in 17 schools in the area for over 1500 participating girls. In addition to that they have an under-14 girls team, which is running under our “Sports for Excellence” (S4E) program. As a consequence of this hard work towards empowering girls and women, YFC Rurka Kalan has been shortlisted in the “Sports for Equality” category of the global “Beyond Sports Awards”.