Peres Center

The Peres Center – a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization - develops and implements a wide range of projects involving thousands annually bringing together a diverse and multi-faceted spectrum of participants: Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians; old and young; women, men, children and youth; professionals and agents of change.

The Peres Center for Peace has developed comprehensive educational methodologies utilizing diverse tools to bring together children and youth (Jewish and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian, as well as those from across the Middle East North Africa region - MENA). This is important in order to mitigate fears, break down emotional barriers, create unprecedented cross-border and cross-cultural dialogue, and equip the younger generations with the necessary tools to become constructive and influential leaders within their communities and in the region at large. Our methodologies utilize the following mediums: Sport, Technology, Culture and Arts.

Within our sports projects we now run a girls soccer program funded by the USAID. this is a three year program (2014-2017) for girls ages 8-11. Targeting conservative and underprivileged communities that are typically less receptive to reconciliation and peace-building activities, and which are unable to provide children, particularly girls, with high-quality extra-curricular activities, the program allows girls to participate in after school activities twice a week in their own communities, and in monthly joint activities with their counterparts from 'across the border'. These activities include playing football in mixed teams, peace education activities, inter-language learning and female empowerment.