Salt Academy (Sports and Leadership Training for Cambodian youths in Northwest Cambodia)

For girls to play football in Cambodia is to challenge nearly everything it means to be a woman. Khmer girls are supposed to be gentle, reserved and obedient; as such, playing football goes against the traditional norm. However, a growing number of girls and women are today redefining what it means to be a woman in Cambodia.

This trend now includes the "Mighty Girls", who today play on Cambodia’s National Women’s team. These girls are thus rapidly becoming role models at the local level, as they gain confidence and leadership abilities both on and off the field. As such, the change they are spurring is slowly reaching out to all parts of Cambodian society.

This program started in 2010 and has become larger every year. Today, 46 girls have received help from the array of support sources we provide. Furthermore, more than 30 girls, aged 14-22, currently receive special education in both academics and football, alongside vocational training and leadership reinforcement activities.