Since we started DISCOVER FOOTBALL we realized a lot of projects. Here you can find some of our past work:


With international teams, coaches and activists that use football as a tool to address
social injustice; including a football tournament, capacity-building workshops, panel
discussions, a diverse cultural program, audience cups, friendly matches and press

DISCOVER FOOTBALL Conferences and Workshops

International encounters with a regional or topical focus that bring together women
committed in the emancipatory idea of football; aiming at sharing experiences and
building strategies and a common voice to advance women’s football as well as women’s rights, accompanied by the edition of position and/or strategy papers.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL on tour and campaigns

Excursion of the female football activists from DISCOVER FOOTBALL outside of Berlin; including the visit of, hospitation at and networking with other women’s football initiatives, networking, friendly sports competition, panel discussion, space for exchange and debate.