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International Campaign on Women’s Football and Empowerment FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014

In June and July 2014, the world’s eyes are set on Brazil. The No. 1 football country welcomes hundreds of thousands of international guests and journalists to the men’s football World Cup. The teams that have qualified all have one thing in common: women’s football plays a subordinate role in their countries and is subject to prejudice. Women’s struggle to play football reflects social conflicts around gender roles and women’s rights. Notwithstanding the drawbacks, many (esp. young) women play football and thereby conquer social spaces that, by tradition, used to be exclusively male. In this, these women challenge their societies’ gender order and open up new and diverse paths for girls and women to choose in life.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL initiates an international campaign that brings to Brazil football activists and journalists that fight for women’s rights and women’s football in their home countries in order to make their cause available to a global audience. The campaign’s two main aims are: (1) to raise public awareness of the situation of girls and women in football; (2) to strengthen women’s commitment in football along with the structures they have created by enabling an international exchange.

Exhibition panels, short films, panel discussions, press conferences, a special program for girls, public street tournaments and a documentary film will inform the international public about women’s rights and women’s football around the world.


DISCOVER FOOTBALL advocates for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason. We are committed football enthusiasts who use sport as a tool to empower women and promote intercultural understanding. We organize international exchanges, conferences and tournaments where women and girls build skills and share knowledge that will help them gain autonomy, mobility and power. Our non-profit organization relies largely on the voluntary work of women, making it unique in the world of football.

We have won several awards and our work has been recognized by the UN special advisor on Sport for Development and Peace, Mr. Willi Lemke.

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The Campaign is funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the Ministry of the Interior.