Women Conquer The Pitch is a multimedia exhibition that will take place during June and July 2014, the World Cup’s months, in Centro Cultural Municipal Parque das Ruínas. It is a place to learn, to teach and to debate about gender equality through football.

Women Conquer The Pitch is the result of documentation and research done in the context of DISCOVER FOOTBALL international projects and networking. The interactive and multimedia-based elements aim at three main objectives:

  • Raise awareness for women’s football and use it as a platform to overcome prejudices related to gender, as well as race and social condition
  • Bring visibility to the power of football to change and empower lives of women
  • Our exhibition will document in a comprehensible way methods and strategies for promoting women’s football

“Women Conquer the Pitch” goes far beyond an exhibition. It will open a space for the debate and the fight against discrimination and prejudice for women in football.

A big thanks to our partner Guerreiras Project for the great fotos portraying the Brazilian national team.

The exhibition was funded by the German Foreign Office and the German Ministry of the Interior.