100 Frauen und 1 Woche - was sich so toll anhört, macht uns manchmal auch ein wenig Angst. Angst davor, dass wir nicht ausreichend Zeit für alle Geschichten und alle neuen Freundschaften haben könnten. Aus diesem Grund hat sich DISCOVER FOOTBALL entschieden, nicht nur Fußball zu spielen, sondern auch theoretische und praktische Workshops durchzuführen, die dem Austausch eine neue Tiefe verleihen. In den Seminaren und Konferenzen der letzten Jahre weiß DISCOVER FOOTBALL, dass Fußballspielen für viele Frauen mehr als nur ein Sport ist. Fußballspielen bedeutet, sich Räume in der Gesellschaft zu erobern, die häufig Männern vorbehalten sind. Sich für das Recht auf Fußball einzusetzen, geht oft Hand in Hand mit einem Engagement für Frauenrechte, Gleichstellung und gegen Diskriminierung.

Auch zu Beginn des diesjährigen Festivals gibt es ein Workshop-Programm, das diese Bemühungen stärken und Vernetzung fördern und insbesondere einen geschützten und inspirierenden Austausch ermöglichen soll.


As with the teams, so will the coaches work together in new constellations in order to gain and share football experiences and put these to the test. In pairs of two, our coaches will face the challenge to guide the newly mixed and multilingual teams
across linguistic barriers. The programme allows the coaches to exchange training methods and experiences, to discuss worries and challenges, and to share moments of success. ‘Coach the Coaches’ thus contributes greatly to the fair-play atmosphere
of the festival, and adds a new dimension to the idea of football as a shared language.


We meet by playing - theatre or football. How do we handle conflicts, discrimination and prejudices that we face in our everyday (sporting) lives? In this workshop the players develop scenes using the stories and experiences of the participants, with
a focus on the challenges that they have encountered along their path. Together, they will approach these themes through performative methods: movement, gestures, pantomime, scenes and dialogue as well as improvisation. Workshop Leader: Michèle Stieber, Berlin, actor and director


In this workshop participants will practice filming, sound recording, script writing and how to devise a concept for a short video that will represent relevant topics of the HOME GAME Festival. They will get an introduction to the basic techniques of filming. Several small film teams will each plan and realise a short video during the course of the festival, in which they present the festival and tell stories about themselves, by themselves. Workshop Leader: Marlene Assmann, Beirut, editor


In this workshop the teams are going to use paint, paper, glue, fabrics, and flags, and create kites to fly. The workshop will establish a free space for exchange and experimentation with materials, ideas and messages. All participants can bring along different materials and work on their personal ideas and stories about women and soccer. Workshop Leader: Hanaa El Degham, Berlin, visual artist


In Berlin, many people live in so-called ‘camps’, waiting for asylum to be granted to them. This workshop looks at life under these circumstances and at the main problems that occur, especially for female refugees. Following a global introduction to political and legislative backgrounds, players of the Champions ohne Grenzen (Champions without Borders) Ladies Team talk about their lives, daily routines and their relation to football. Workshop Leaders: Carolin Gaffron, Juliane Schlickenrieder,
Shirin, Berlin, founders and members of the Champions ohne Grenzen Ladies Team


Here the participants come together and share experiences with sexism and prejudices in society and football, find possibilities to overcome these structures,
and talk about counter-strategies. Additionally they will learn several techniques from different martial arts systems. The focus of the training is not to be proficient in using the techniques, but rather to learn about the power and ability of each participant to defend herself, dealing with fear in confrontative situations, as well as estimating and checking limits, and to empower herself. Workshop leaders: Antje Grabenhorst, Berlin, football supporter and activist, art and media student and Valerie Kwiatek, Berlin, self-defense trainer


In this workshop, participants will do an interactive walk-through of the contesting/contexting SPORT exhibition at NGBK with co-curator Caitlin Fisher, in
which they explore how norms in sport structures are reproduced and maintained, and framed as neutral, while upholding the (often harmful) status quo. This will entail a hands-on session using multimedia and artivism to explore how we can contest some of these problematic norms and trace how power plays out in our positions in/on/around/ through football. Workshop leaders: Caitlin Fisher, Berlin, curator and
activist and Eva Sperschneider, Berlin, DISCOVER FOOTBALL