Honey Thaljieh

"10 Years of DISCOVER FOOTBALL and Fair Play"



It’s amazing how the power of football brings us all together this year again! It is my honour to have the opportunity to welcome all of you to celebrate DISCOVER FOOTBALL’s 10-year anniversary at this year’s festival. The motto of this year’s festival is fair play. In order to live what we preach we set up a few special rules for all matches this time, for example, there won't be any yellow nor red cards, (and other rules making us more aware of what it means to play fair and respectfully). 


I have been involved with the organisation myself for quite a while and I have witnessed the development and the great work Discover Football is doing for equality at large, and  now I am thrilled to see new and old faces among volunteers and participants, coming together to celebrate football, connect and build bridges of hope for a better future through this beautiful game, which brings us all together regardless of all our differences.


This week holds many opportunities for you – I encourage you all to embrace the chance to network with over 120 women from over 20 countries. Learn, share your knowledge, put yourself out there, believe in yourself and your dreams and most importantly have fun.


I would like to thank the DISCOVER FOOTBALL team for their amazing, tremendous and unique work for the women’s game and would like to wish everyone a fantastic week full of building new bridges, making new friends, deep exchanges, and enjoyable football.


It is upon us to continue to advance women’s rights all over the world!