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Participation and Leadership - Strengthening women in and through football in Iraq (all regions)

Our online Leadership Programme workshops have started! From March to December 2021, DISCOVER FOOTBALL will host 10 online workshops with 20 women in football/futsal leadership, 15 from Iraq, 5 from the wider WANA (West Asia and North Africa) region. Participants include women players, coaches, referees, club officials, women responsible for football at the administrative level, and sports journalists. The Leadership Programme series is about learning and improving leadership skills, networking and exchanging ideas, and benefiting from the shared knowledge and rich experiences that all participants bring into the programme in different ways. Additional elements of the programme include a conference in Berlin, as well as a football event in the WANA region at the end of 2021, which will be prepared together with the Leadership Programme participants.  

Regarding the workshop content, the series has started with the development of common and individual goals and first exchanges about possibilities of common support between the participants. In the following months, workshops on various topics will follow, such as the situation of women in football in their respective contexts, creating new spaces for women in football, sport event management, networking, visibility, mental health in sport. The curriculum for the workshops is tailored to the needs of the group through a previous needs analysis with questions on current challenges and topics that the participants would like to see covered. DISCOVER FOOTBALL collaborates with international experts on women's football and women's rights for the implementation of the workshops. Also, in each of the sessions, there is an opportunity for each participant to present content of their choice and elaborate it with the other participants in their own ways. Furthermore, in addition to the workshops, there is an open room for exchange online once a month where participants can meet and discuss topics and projects related to football independently of the DISCOVER FOOTBALL team.

We are excited about the start of the programme and are looking forward to the upcoming workshops!

Project financed by the GIZ and commissioned by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.