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DISCOVER FOOTBALL is planning a one-year women's football and leadership programme for women in Iraq (all regions) and values YOUR experience and opinion


Are you:

  • NOT applying for the leadership programmebut still want to be a part of the process (for more information about the leadership programme please click here)?
  • a woman and involved in football or futsal in Iraq (all regions), for example as a player, coach, manager, journalist or in any other position? We would love to hear insights from all levels of experience!

If both statements are true for you, please take the time and fill out this short questionnaire - it will take approximately 10-15 minutes. By sharing with us information about your experiences in and opinions about football/futsal, you will help strengthen women leaders in football in Iraq (all regions). Your answers will inform the development of the programme. 

And of course, we value your privacy. That is why you can decide at the end if you wish to remain anonymous or you can choose to provide us with your personal contact details (name, email etc.). This way you will get the opportunity to stay posted about our work and receive information about upcoming events in the region. We will ask you some information about the area you live in, as we want to look at regional differences for women in football.

DISCOVER FOOTBALL is the world’s leading network of women who use football as a tool to advocate for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason. We have over 10 years of experience in collaborating with women who are active in football around the world.

Thank you in advance for taking part and strengthening the role of women in football/ futsal!

You can fill in the information below or you can click  HERE to open the form in a new window!

Project financed by the GIZ commissioned by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.