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Leadership Programme

Promoting women in leading positions in football in North Lebanon

From 10. - 29. October 2020, 51 women from North Lebanon and the MENA/WANA region are part of our a Leadership Programme.

This programme aims to enable its participants to share specific challenges faced by women in leadership positions or striving for a leadership position in football, develop leadership, enhance skills to recruit and retain female football players, strengthen team building skills, generate tools to deal with gender-based rejection/hostilities, understand the diverse meanings of women’s football to the community with specific focus on North Lebanon and the MENA region.

The workshops will both, online via zoom and in person in Tripoli.

Conference programme and information about participants can be found on the right side of this page.


Let's fight together for women's football and more female leaders in sports!

#femaleleadership #womensfootball #claimthepitch

"Promoting Gender Equality through Women’s Empowerment in Football in North Lebanon and the MENA Region" is part of the Local Development Programme for Urban Areas in North Lebanon (UDP_NL) that is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in partnership with DISCOVER FOOTBALL and the Ministry of Social Affairs. UDP_NL is co-funded by the European Union and Germany.