Women´s Football - Media Conference


With the Women´s Football - Media Conference, we aim to bring women who are active in football in any way, as coaches, players,etc, together with female journalists who are interested in reporting about women in sport. Together we want to create a platform for exchange and work out how to make women more visible and discuss challenges in getting voices heard and creating positive images of women.

Worldwide women´s football is still underfunded, marginalized and a lot less visible than the men´s game. The gender-based discrimination against women in sports is also apparent in the unequal representation of women in sport media, and the negate portayal of women atheletes and women in sport remains a persistant problem. The low quanitity and quality of media coverage of women´s sports continues to be influenced by gender stereotypes and harms the image and potention of women´s football.

With the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Women´s Football - Media Conference, we aim to address these issues and invite 21 women from the world of football and female journalists to our conference in Berlin from December 6-10.


"Sexism in Sports Journalism: How media can both reproduce and challenge sexist discrimination in sports and society"

Come and join us for the panel discussion on Saturday, 9th december 2017 at FHXB Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum (7 p.m.)

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