Our Projects

Get Active 2024
Qualification program for 10 refugee women to become youth leaders and four action days with 100 refugee girls during the EM 2024.
Festival (Un)Seen Game
The 11th festival organized by DISCOVER FOOTBALL and this year the focus was on the opportunity and challenges of visibility and invisibility of women’s football.
Mentoring Project
What’s needed to start a women’s or girls soccer team in Europe? 10 mentees and 10 mentors work together for half a year on a project to create more female football teams.
Get Active 2023
Get Active: A sports & youth leader programme for refugee women in Berlin/Brandenburg
IWG World Conference on Women & Sport
From November 14th to 17th 2022, the 8th IWG World Conference on Women & Sport took place live in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand and virtually for those joining from afar.
Care, Justice & Wellbeing
In August 2021 the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival has taken place in Berlin Kreuzberg with over 80 football player, coaches and activists from over 10 countries.
Strengthening women in and through football in Iraq/KRI
During one year DISCOVER FOOTBALL worked with 20 participants from Iraq, KRI & the WANA region organizing an online leadership programme, a conference in Berlin and women’s football Action Days in Iraq/KRI.
Step Up Equality Project
The main objective of the project STEP UP EQUALITY (SUE) is to promote gender equality in sports leadership and challenge gender-based discrimination in sports across Europe. This is achieved through the cooperation of different European NGOs.
Promoting gender equality through football in North Lebanon
The project consisted of 5 modules in which a total of over 100 women and girls from North Lebanon participated. In addition, experts from the WANA region supported the project.
DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2019 Fair Play
100 football players from 22 countries played a friendly tournament during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival in August 2019. The occasion was among others the 10th anniversary of our NGO.
Referees and Coaches Conference 2018
In December 2018, DISCOVER FOOTBALL invited 15 coaches and 15 referees to Berlin to exchange, network and to advance their skills and knowledge.
Qatar will host the men’s FIFA World Cup in 2022. But what about the women? Some members of Discover Football went to Doha to meet the Qatar women’s national team.
Media Conference
The conference in december 2017 was held with 21 media representatives who debated how to make women in sport more visible and more represented in the media.
Equal Playing field
DISCOVER FOOTBALL was a partner of the “Equal Playing Field” at the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the world record for the highest altitude football game ever played.
Our DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2017 “Our bodies, our rights, our game” took part with over 100 participants from India in Mapusa, Goa. It was more than just a sports event.
Conference: Women’s Football in South East and East Asia
The FIFA’s U20 Women’s World Cup in 2016 as a push forward? We invited women active in female football and/or women's rights from South East and East-Asian countries to Berlin to discuss the impacts of the mega event.
How to develop sports programs for refugee women and girls?
During our 3 training blocks, about 45 participants learned more about what soccer has to do with gender and how a sports program for refugee women and girls could look like in practice.
Home Game Festival
Maintaining the idea of bringing together 100 women from all over the world on the basis of football, in 2016 the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival focused explicitly on the global situation of refugee movements.
DISCOVER FOOTBALL Coaches Conference 2015
Corruption and scandals in the soccer business are the order of the day. But what do these structures mean for women's soccer? 18 coaches from different countries discussed these and more questions during the conference in Berlin in 2015.
Beyond (b)orders Festival
With the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival “Beyond (b)orders” we wanted to use our passion for football to overcome social and political borders for women in sports and society, to advocate for empowerment and for an inclusive female football.
DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival in Lebanon
The first Arab female football festival “Our Game, Our Goals” took place in Lebanon: Teams from Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon and Germany played a tournament in Beirut.
We celebrated the 5th anniversary of DISCOVER FOOTBALL at the Movimiento cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg with great guests: Claudia Roth, Ines Pohl, Mario Sauder, Cansel Kiziltepe, Barabara Loth, Bernd Schulz & Gudrun Fertig.
For its 5th anniversary, DISCOVER FOOTBALL has invited 13 women from previous encounters to Berlin to evaluate the effects of the NGO’s projects on individual soccer projects and how the various projects have developed since the last meeting.
International Campaign on Women’s Football and Empowerment
Due to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014, DISCOVER FOOTBALL initiated an international campaign that brought to Brazil football activists and journalists who fight for women’s rights and women’s football in their home countries.
Russian Open Games in Russia
In 2014 part of the DISCOVER FOOTBALL team has traveled to Moscow to play a friendly futsal tournament and to support for the engagement of the Russian LGBTQI+ community.
One Language
Due to the Arab Spring the festival in 2013 was organized for participants from the Middle East and North Africa. The uprisings across their regions have provided new opportunities for women to claim political and social space, including in the world of sports.
Fifteen female experts from Eastern Europe and Central Asia exchanged about the opportunities and challenges of the development of an inclusive approach to football. The conference took place in Berlin.
Round table in Amman
The Asian Football Development Project and the West Asian Football Federation had invited DISCOVER FOOTBALL to Amman (Jordan) to participate in the “Round Table on the development of women's football in West Asia”.
Expert seminar North & West Africa: Women’s Football & Empowerment
In November 2012, 16 women from Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq came to Berlin to spend a week sharing experiences, attending workshops and developing strategies for the future.
Leidenschaft Fußball - Ein Spiel schafft Perspektiven
Female and male soccer players and activists from a wide variety of backgrounds met in a event in Hannover: international women's teams from Senegal, Jordan and South Africa met young national players from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Israel.
During the European Men's Soccer Championship DISCOVER FOOTBALL went on tour: For almost a month, we were on the road in Poland and Ukraine with 2 buses, exchanging with women’s soccer teams and activists on the ground.
Foundation of the NGO DISCOVER FOOTBALL Fußball und Begegnung e.V.
The game in Tehran in 2006 has motivated a group of women to become regular and official advocates for women's soccer and gender justice. In 2009, the association Fußball und Begegnung e.V. / DISCOVER FOOTBALL was founded.
Match in Teheran, Iran
In 2006 we organized a friendly match against the Iranian women’s national team. It was the first public women’s football match played in an Iranian stadium since the 1979 revolution.
August 5 - August 8, 2021
2020/ 2021
2019 - 2020
2016/ 2017

“I have participated in the project Strengthening women through football in Iraq/KRI for a year, and I  have learned a lot from the program like leadership skills, planning our own football event day in our region and so much more. I met strong women with the support of the NGO  which made a huge impact on my art and my future plans. DISCOVER FOOTBALL means the beginning of my achievements and the best thing that happened to me, I willl always be grateful for the positive energy they spread throughout the project.“

Amenah Bidhan, football illustrator from Baghdad, Iraq (March 2022)

International Network

DISCOVER FOOTBALL uses women’s football to advocate for women and girls, for gender equality and against any kind of discrimination such as sexism, homophobia and racism. With our numerous events we aim to promote networking among women’s football activists around the world and to create a worldwide platform of exchange.

In order to achieve this, we would like to continue strengthening our international network of women’s football teams, projects and activists. The best way to do this is, of course, to discuss ideas and strategies in person and we are trying to organize and participate in as many events as possible. However, the rest of the time we have to communicate via distance.